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Who is PQA?       PQA's Products & Services    
What does PQA Do?      What PQA doesn't do?
How does PQA do It? Industries PQA Serves 
PQA's Philosophies   
PQA and You, a winning combination
PQA and You

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Effective training, where and when you need it
Who is PQA? 

PQA is a team of professionals that helps organizations rapidly improve their:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Efficiency & effectiveness
  • Profitability
  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction (Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Suppliers, etc.)
You can be a winner with PQA's consulting, training, coaching, and implementation services for manufacturers
What Does PQA Do ?

Working independently, or as an extra resource to the client's staff, PQA will:

  • assesses the client's needs
  • Designs a customized plan and services to rapidly achieve the client's goals
  • When required, PQA can help implement the plan (independently, or with the client's personnel)

Often, the solution includes coaching for Sr. Management and Supervisors, training, implementation assistance, root cause analysis, and management consulting.

You will be happy you met and relied upon your PQA Advisor
PQA's Products & Services

Click above for a detailed listing of PQA's products and services offered by PQA.  PQA's main categories of expertise are:

Rapid, simple solutions to complex manufacturing problems
How Does PQA Do It ?
  • Rapid, simple solutions to complex problems
  • PQA observes, asks, listens, and learns about you and your unique situation
  • PQA builds from your strong foundations.
  • PQA focuses on the essentials; both the broad overview and the minute details.
  • PQA analyzes, then recommends an immediate goal, and/or a long-term optimum future.

  • PQA develops an optimum implementation plan, considering your long term goals and current capabilities.

  • PQA works well with your people; including the shop floor, technical, sales, and Sr. management.

  • PQA helps executives, managers, and employees work together more effectively to reach their shared goals.
  • PQA provides training, coaching, project management, facilitation, and implementation services for your high-priority projects & business management systems.

  • PQA provides whatever is needed to help you achieve your goals; whether it's ideas, opportunities, technology, business processes, turnaround management, strategic planning, consulting, coaching,  training, and implementation assistance.
  • PQA ensures our talents and capabilities match your needs.
  • PQA helps focus your efforts to the few areas that will allow fundamental and rapid improvement to occur.

  • PQA specializes in finding the elegant, simple solution to your challenging issues.

  • PQA has a bias towards planned, precise action for practical improvements; moving with high velocity from start to finish.

  • Where appropriate, PQA will transfer our skills and knowledge to you and your employees so they can continue the improvement process.

  • PQA will coach, encourage, guide, assist, and challenge you and your people to the next step in your journey to excellence.
PQA bends over backwards to serve our clients
PQA's Philosophies
  •  PQA believes your complex challenges require simple solutions.
  • All fundamental change originates from outside the current system.  PQA can be your change catalyst.
  • Nobody can help you until they understand you.  PQA is willing to make the investment to learn about you and your company.
  • Live is challenging enough.  You don't need unpleasant surprises.  PQA works hard to ensure you get what you expected.
  • You want experts that are honest, truthful, competent, and dependable.  When someone gives you all 4, you learn to trust them.  PQA is worthy of your trust.
  • Most compromises and trade-offs are caused by insufficient analysis or understanding.  Go ahead, challenge us with your "impossible" problem!

Industries PQA Serves

Today, PQA serves all industry sectors that need to make rapid improvements through their people, systems, and technology.

PQA's skills were initially honed and developed in the petro-chemicals, telecommunications, and auto parts manufacturing sectors.

PQA has helped cross-fertilize our skills and experiences into many different industries, as listed below:

Agricultural Drugs
Oil and Gas, GOSP, crude stabilization, NGL, sweetening
Alternative Power (Wind, Solar)
Glass manufacturing
Paint and Protective Coatings, Metal Finishing
Appliance (Major) Manufacturing
Health Care
Painting (E-Coat, Volatile Carrier, Powder)
Auto Repair & New Car Dealerships
Logistics and Freight
Paper Cups, Paper Product printing & manufacturing
Automotive Parts
Machine Shop
Automotive Chemicals
Machine Design
Business Services
Machine Rebuild
Regulated Power Supplies and UPS
Circuit Board Manufacturing
Medical Drugs and Formulations
Research and Development
Metal Stamping
Rubber molded & fabricated goods, tires
Corrugated Paper
Metal Fabricating
Electrical and Electronic
Metal Stamping and Forming
Software (IT & Critical Device)
Engineering (Construction & Design)
Transportation Bulk Carriers (Rail & Truck)
Motor Manufacturing and Rebuild
Warehousing, Logistics, & Distribution

What PQA Doesn't Do

  • PQA doesn't work outside of our expertise.  Starting in 1988, PQA has invested 17 years in consulting, training, and implementation of business improvement projects.  PQA's Sr. Consultants have 20 to 30 years of varied experiences (not 1 year of experience repeated 30 times). Our initial experience (and our longest, deepest base) is in manufacturing.   Since the 80's, the tools and techniques PQA helped create started to be used in other sectors of the economy.  PQA has helped many different types of organizations and business sectors (ie. service, banking, retail sales, call centres, health care, food, construction, electronics, and technology centres) to adjust to their rapidly changing circumstances.  All of this is based on the fundamental tools and the Quality Revolution that started in manufacturing during the late 70's.  If PQA doesn't have the prior experience, we'll tell you so.  In some areas, there may not be anybody with exactly what would be best for you. However, PQA may be able to help you find the right person for your special situation.  Cross-fertilization of technology and business processes between sectors is one of PQA's specialties.
  • PQA is not a ISO Management System Registrar.  An ISO Registrar is prohibited from offering advise on how to best implement ISO-based management system requirements. Unlike a Registrar, PQA can advise you, and help customize ISO-based management system to your exact needs. PQA can help you implement your quality, environmental, or Health & Safety management system.  PQA can help you choose the best ISO Registrar; showing you how to initiate a win-win, value-added relationship with them.  Because of the important work we do, PQA is excluded from offering ISO-based Registrar services.
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Information supplied to, or obtained by PQA during their use of this website, or a person's inquiry may be recorded, retained, and used by PQA so as to facilitate PQA's current and subsequent sales efforts, client support, statistical analysis, to record a person's current and future needs and preferences, industry trends, and PQA's Strategic Planning; all in accordance with PQA's policy and procedures for Personal Information Privacy and PIPED.  All of the information stored by PQA is reasonably required so as to better serve PQA's prospective clients and past clients, and to help PQA run an efficient, effective, and profitable enterprise.
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