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Limited & Non-Exclusive
Copyright License

Table of Contents

Grant of Limited Copyright License
You warrant data provided
PQA owns data
License limitation of possession and individual viewing
You will fax a copy of the survey results back to PQA
Your data is confidential
You assume all risks and costs
You indemnify PQA
PQA can do follow-up with you

By requesting the reference material, form, survey, white paper, or other document (all of which are hereinafter referred to as "Document") from the Internet website of Process Quality Associates Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "PQA"), or retaining a copy of the Document, or using the Document, or otherwise benefiting from the Document, PQA hereby grants to you (one individual, a natural person), and you signify your acceptance and agreement to the following terms and restrictions of PQA's limited and non-exclusive copyright license to you, as follows:
  • You warrant that the information you provide PQA so as to download the Document from PQA's website is and will be complete and accurate.

  • PQA owns the copyright on the Document, and retains all world-wide rights, except as expressly granted to you in this limited and non-exclusive license.  The license hereby granted to you is non-transferable.

  • You are limited to possession and individual viewing of the electronic file you download, and the printing of one hard copy of the electronic file.  For Documents that are blank forms or surveys, you are limited to a one-time use by you of the Document. You are not permitted to create derivative works, nor remove PQA's copyright notice. If you need a more extensive use of the Document, this is only available from PQA on a pay-for-service basis, obtained by contacting PQA to get a proposal and quotation on this service.

  • If you download and use a Document which is a survey form, you agree to fax a copy of the survey results back to PQA's head office in Canada at +1 (519) 667-1722. Your data will be used as part of PQA's on-going research into related business process management systems.

  • If you supply your survey results to PQA, PQA will hold all raw data and any identifying data as confidential, but will add your data (in a confidential manner) to PQA's research database for further research and statistical analysis of organizational and business process systems, and PQA can subsequently use all data received from you or others, including the publishing of research results, provided that you (and your specific data) are not identified in any way except by your City, Province/State, and Country.

  • You agree (both personally and as agent for your Organization, jointly and severally) to assume all risks and costs; waive PQA's liability and duty of care (if any); and indemnify PQA and PQA's Directors, Officers, employees, sub-contractors, and agents from any and all claims and liability directly or indirectly arising from the Document or its use.  This license agreement will be subject to, governed, interpreted, and enforced under the laws applicable at London, Ontario, Canada (excluding provisions for conflicting laws of other jurisdictions).

  • Until you notify PQA otherwise, PQA may contact you by e-mail to perform follow-up on the current status for your business process management systems related to the Document, or occasionally send you further information and updates on related business process management systems.

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