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Survey Questionnaire for
Project Management

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Typical PM Assessment Reports Done by PQA

02BR04007C03.pdf This is a project management system analysis done for a US Mid-west regulated utility.  There had been a recent merger, and project managers from different backgrounds were forced to work together.  There were significant differences between the two systems, with significant advantages and disadvantages to both systems.  Using both systems together without rationalization was clearly not acceptable to anybody.  A pilot group scored the survey jointly, with an overall excellence rating of 71.7% (Fair).  The PM system was currently stalled due to a lack of resources to make the necessary changes; as well as fear, indifference by Sr. management, and lack of a clear vision of what to change the system into. Five conclusions and 3 recommendations were provided with 19 statistical analysis graphs.
This is a project management system analysis done for a South African company.  The organization is generally happy with their project management (PM) system, but is seeking even better opportunities.  PQA's analysis shows that significant gains can be achieved through implementing CCPM.  Overall, current PM system scores 69% (Fair).  Six recommendations are provided with 7 statistical graphs of the survey data, and PQA's  interpretation.
This is a project management system analysis done for a US company.  The organization has excellent systems and results achieved by their PM systems (79% overall score, Excellent).  PQA identified some additional gains that could be achieved through CCPM. Six recommendations are provided with 5 statistical graphs of the survey data, and PQA's interpretation.

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