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PQA's Training Courses

Table of Contents
Mission of PQA's Training Courses
In-House Training Courses
What's Included in the Price

Detailed Listing of PQA's Training Courses

Mission of PQA's Training Courses

The goal of PQA's Training Training Courses are to provide you with enjoyable, effective training courses that you need to succeed, when you need them, at a location close to you.


Testimonials on PQA's Training Courses

The experience received during PQA's training courses and workshops.

In-House Training Courses

If you have 7 or more people at your company who would benefit from a training course, it will be very cost effective, convenient, and timely to schedule an in-house training course of PQA's course at your facility (or a site nearby).

Your employee's and their specialized needs get the full attention of the PQA specialist for the full training course.

Questions asked and statements made can often expose the current methods and future plans of an individual or organization. This is one of the disadvantages of sending employees to public training courses. This is why savvy competitors often attend public training courses, picking up small snippets of information that help discover what industry leaders are doing behind closed doors.

By holding a private session of PQA's training courses, you get: the latest and best information on the subject, just what your employees need   Your proprietary secrets & competitive advantages stay inside your company.

Frequently, there is a need for 1 to 3 levels of comprehension.  For in-house training, it is cost effective and PQA often recommends 3 levels of training and comprehension, as follows:

  • Overview   This would be suitable for management and all employees.  It may be as short as 15 minutes, but typically takes 1 hour or less.  The purpose is to quickly inform everybody about the training topic, why it's important, how to recognize when you need an expert, and how to find or contact the company's experts.  This training should be received by everybody who does not receive one of the other two levels of training.
  • Support Personnel   This training is typically 1 to 4 hrs. in duration.  The purpose is to ensure understanding of the key issues, needs, and methods so that the trainee can effectively co-ordinate with the subject experts.  This level of comprehension would be suitable for executives, managers, supervisors, foremen, lead hands, people who generate data used by the experts (ie. Work Upstream), and people who use the deliverables created by the experts (ie. Work Downstream).
  • Expert Practitioners   This training provides the chosen personnel everything they need to develop the necessary expertise and on-the-job skills to excel in the topic being trained.  This is typically 1 to 5 days of training.

PQA can schedule all the above into a seamless and effective training program.  Multiple sessions can be scheduled for each of these levels so that ongoing service to production lines, customers, etc. is not interrupted by the training.  If you're not sure who fits into what category, PQA can assist you in defining a training matrix that best fits your needs.



For in-House training courses, PQA can customize the content to exactly meet your needs at a reasonable price. Emphasis is placed on the specific topics and issues you need. Contact PQA at 1 (800) 837-7046 to discuss your special situation.

What's Included in the Price of PQA's Training Courses

All PQA training course attendees receive:

  • A comprehensive training manual, including a copy of every slide presented. There are usually extra reading materials included in most of PQA's courses, ready for further study after the course.  The pages have plenty of room for putting in your personal notes.  Usually, PQA uses a 3-ring binder format.  This allows you to collect additional reference material and add it to your PQA course notes.  This will eventually become your own, personal reference library for the training course topic.
  • Comprehensive explanations, anecdotes, case studies, and examples for the application of the training course topic in real-world environments.  This generally includes shining examples of world-class implementations, and what not to do (faulty, disastrous, or non-optimum implementations).
  • Training certificate suitable for framing.
  • Optional post-course comprehension test (if you make arrangements with PQA at least 5 business days before the course)
  • Free telephone, fax, or email support (up to 1 hour of PQA's time, or 7 incidents; whichever is less) for the trainee.  This is designed to help the trainee with on-the-job implementation for the knowledge and skills they have just acquired.

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