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Personal Information
Protection Policy

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents (PIPED) Act is legislation enacted in Canada to protect personal information.  As of Jan. 1, 2004 PIPED applies to all commercial and not-for-profit activities.  The following describes the policies and procedures of Process Quality Associates Inc. ("PQA") so as to be fully compliant to this legislation.
  1. Accountability: Glenn Black, President is responsible for compliance to PIPED by PQA; to protect all personal information held by PQA or transferred to third party for processing; and develop and implement personal information policies and practices.
  2. Identifying purposes: PQA will identify the reasons for collecting personal information before or at the time of collection. Before or when any personal information is collected, PQA will identify why it is needed and how it will be used; document why the information is collected; inform the individual from whom the information is collected why it is needed; identify any new purpose for the information and obtain the individual's consent before using it.

    Generally, the information requested, supplied to, or obtained by PQA during a person's inquiry or subsequent contract with PQA may be recorded and retained by PQA so as to facilitate PQA's current and subsequent sales efforts, client support, statistical analysis, to record a person's current and future needs and preferences, industry trends, and PQA's Strategic Planning.  All of the information stored by PQA is reasonably required so as to better serve PQA's prospective clients and past clients, and to help PQA run an efficient, effective, and profitable enterprise.  The information is retained until you tell us to destroy it, or it is no longer applicable to the above uses.

    If you request that we destroy the information, PQA will inform you of the consequences & implications of your request (ie. PQA will be unable to serve you, or do business with you).

    This information may include, but is not limited to: name, job title, degrees & designations (ie. P.Eng., CQE, MBA, etc.), phone numbers, e-mail addresses, employer, industry & trade associations & memberships, awards received, training courses attended with PQA, interest in various services offered by PQA, business associates, notes of past conversations, documents sent and received, personal preferences, and other similar transactions.
  3. Consent: PQA will inform the individual in a meaningful way of the purposes for the collection, use or disclosure of personal data; obtain the individual's consent before or at the time of collection, as well as when a new use is identified.
  4. Limiting collection: PQA will not collect personal information indiscriminately; nor will PQA deceive or mislead individuals about the reasons for collecting personal information.
  5. Limiting use, disclosure, and retention: PQA will only use or disclose personal information for the purpose(s) for which it was collected, unless the individual consents, or the use or disclosure is authorized by PIPED.  PQA will keep personal information only as long as necessary to satisfy the purposes; put guidelines and procedures in place for retaining and destroying personal information; keep personal information used to make a decision about a person for a reasonable time period. PQA will reasonably facilitate the person to obtain the information after the decision and pursue redress, if necessary.  PQA will destroy, erase or render anonymous information that is no longer required for an identified purpose or a legal requirement.
  6. Accuracy: PQA will minimize the possibility of using incorrect information when making a decision about the individual or when disclosing information to third parties.
  7. Safeguards: PQA will protect personal information against loss or theft; safeguard the information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification; and protect personal information regardless of the format in which it is held.  PQA's owners, employees, agents and sub-contractors that have access or otherwise handle personal information will be trained in these PQA's policies and procedures, and audited to confirm compliance.  Any non-compliance to these polices will be documented, and immediate corrective actions will be taken to remedy the situation.
  8. Openness: PQA will inform our prospective customers, clients and employees that PQA has policies and practices for the management of personal information; and will make these policies and practices understandable and easily available.
  9. Individual access: When requested, PQA will inform individuals if PQA has any personal information about them; explain how it is or has been used and provide a list of any organizations to which it has been disclosed.  PQA will give individuals access to the information about themselves which is held by PQA.  PQA will correct or amend any personal information if its accuracy and completeness is challenged and found to be deficient.  PQA will provide a copy of the information requested, or reasons for not providing access, subject to exception set out in Section 9 of the Act.  PQA will note any disagreement on the file and advise third parties about the disagreement where appropriate.
  10. Provide recourse: PQA has developed simple and easily accessible complaint procedures under PIPED.  Persons with questions, concerns, or complaints under PIPED can contact PQA through phone, fax, e-mail, or regular mail, or in person; fully describing all circumstances.  PQA will investigate all complaints received; and take appropriate measures to correct information handling practices and policies. If there has been a breach of PQA's polices that has or may affect the personal information of one or more specific individuals, PQA will inform those individuals about the circumstances surrounding the breach, and reasonably assist their efforts to remedy the situation.  In addition, the complainant may contact the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Individuals who feel their privacy rights have been infringed upon can complain to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The Commissioner's role is that of an ombudsman, trying to find solutions to privacy problems, resolving complaints through negotiation and persuasion, and using mediation and conciliation if appropriate.

Privacy Commissioner of Canada:
112 Kent St., Ottawa ON, K1A 1H3, (800) 282-1376     http://www.privcom.gc.ca

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